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Here, we have outlined the groups and organisations that are best suited to our products and service but should there be any further questions not answered here, our team can help.


Office-Based Staff

When a conventional office setup is your thing, we will help you design a workplace that is an engaging and vibrant environment that is created with people in mind. We’ll help you realise a technology-rich infrastructure when systems just work as you expect, when they are needed and are accessible to all.

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Home-Based Staff

For many businesses, an office is no longer a key ingredient for success. Owners and managers are realising that they can now attract the best talent regardless of location by adopting an office-free approach to work. A truly flexible model can provide an environment for your people to thrive, whilst benefitting from the support of their employers when it comes to personal commitments like children and family. Our team has a wealth of experience in creating solutions that can keep remote staff connected, engaged and empowered.

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Landlords, Agents & Managers

Owning, marketing or managing commercial property is not easy and those in the commercial property sector understand the careful balance of presenting an excellent property with all the features a modern tenant demands against the need to maintain a commercially viable business. The IWP team are adept at creating solutions to drive revenue whilst increasing the rental yields that come with a feature rich workspace.

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Developers, Project Managers, Architects and Designers

When planning a new build, refurbishment or a significant project, the difficulties experienced with aligning infrastructure with technology vendors can be significant. The team at IWP can guide you through the infrastructure design at the concept stage and then either provide your building technology directly or bring your chosen providers under our management umbrella.

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