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Creating the perfect 'smart' working environment requires many parts and IWP has spent time building relationships within the industry so that it can deliver to it's clients. Whether it's a building refurbishment or new project, we are perfectly positioned to design, advise and manage any project with confidence. Below is a summary of the services and features we can cater for.

The IWP Product Range

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to support your business

In short, this is how your network can deal with the challenges of it's standard operations. The areas this covers is increasing over time but generally, it covers data security, remote and office-based users, network communication and supporting other connected devices.

A managed network is a communication network that is built, operated, secured and managed by a third-party. A managed network is an outsourced network that provides some or all the network solutions needed by businesses in their normal day-to-day running operations.

IWP offer both a bespoke or a full range of IT support services for businesses. These services can include managed servers, data backups, secure remote access and building services management. IT support can also be provided to businesses and it's members, freeing up valuable resources within teams and departments.

Our teams can design and install the necessary cabling that will become the foundation of a buildings IT infrastructure. Once this is in place, the associated smart features can then be layered over, creating the perfect intelligent workspace for you and your members.

Being able to control the movement of a workforce and secure buildings from uninvited guests is as important as any other feature. With the correct services and controls in place, your teams will have peace of mind throughout their working day.

The Managed Print Service includes the management of print devices such as printers, scanners, copiers and multifunctional devices as well as document management and workflow solutions. These are designed to improve a businesses output while cutting costs and overheads.

With an increased need for connected teams and remote workers, businesses rely heavily on great audio/visual features. IWP can supply and fit a full range of smart products to cater for boardrooms, video conferencing as well as interactive screens and whiteboard technologies.

CCTV has come along way in the last few years and is used for applications beyond just security. Companies now use CCTV to monitor behavioural patterns, environmental conditions and to collect data which can be used to improve building management systems. Data from CCTV can be used to control features such as lights and heating and can help lower costs and assist with a buildings carbon footprint.

These systems are used to extinguish, control, or in some cases, entirely prevent fires from spreading or occurring. In addition to sprinkler systems, there's a wide and varied range of fire suppression options available. IWP can advise and install a scalable system for any business.

Commonly associated with voice communications, telephony has grown to encompass areas such as text messaging, video calls, voicemail and call recording. With a huge range of products and services available, IWP are perfectly positioned to guide you to the ideal telephony package.

Regardless of the size of business or the sector it's in, great support is key to success and growth. IWP has built a reputation on honest and well managed IT support services so find out how we can help you and your teams.

Modern IT and it's associated products can be a confusing place to navigate. Our team believes that by understanding the goals and aspirations of a business, we can better deliver on our advice. It's by creating trusted partnerships with our clients that they are empowered to improve and expand – and that is better for everyone.

Be it a new build or an extensive refurbishment, IWP has the experience and drive to take on any project and succeed. With a trusted network of suppliers and partners who are all committed to delivering class-leading service, we can guarantee that your project is in capable hands.